The company which sells the engine of the Japanese car in all parts of the world

How did a small small factory in town accomplish growth to the company which was about to boil the world again? The secret is thorough introduction of IT not to permit the following of the person in the same profession.I manage all the used parts in bar code. I can see an age type or the mileage of the car at first sight if I read data. Furthermore, I made an original standard to guarantee quality and produced products trusted by a visitor. Furthermore, I build the original system which can look at the management data of the company's stock abroad. It was from where in foreign countries and was able to purchase parts. However, still there is the foreign countries buyer in a night to obtain good parts quickly. Buyers pack every possible parts in a container and are desperate to change even a little to the money. It is Vladivostok, Russia I chase a container from Japan, and to have arrived. 90% of the car running in the town is a Japanese used car. As for nearly 200, the town is dotted with suppliers treating the used parts of the car. A there surprising scene. Though the used parts which I laid in stock of from Japan were sold in prices nearly 3 times of the stocking level, the local driver bought parts in sequence. Furthermore, I transship an engine entirely how in Russia and reuse it.